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Slow Down

A short film by Indigo Daydream

Synopsis - Right now as you read this, our beautiful home planet Earth is speeding through the infinity of space at a startling 67,000 miles an hour. Slow Down is a short film about our home's miraculous journey and a reminder of how precious and delicate life is for those on board.

"Slow Down, lay your head against the ground. The Earth is moving,

can you hear the sound?"


Indigo Daydream is the alt-rock, dream-pop creation of multi-instrumentalist,

Nick Cheshire. A BBC Indroducing artist and short film maker. 

"Slow Down", the musical composition used in the film was mastered by Pete Maher (The Pixies, The Rolling Stones, Peaky Blinders).


Indigo Daydream was created following an experience I had during lockdown. After a head injury, whilst laying in an MRI listening to the surreal beat of the machine, I decided to create something positive from the whole experience and so Indigo Daydream was born. I want to write music that people relate to but also retain a dream-like quality, a surreal edge.

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