Listen to my interview with Rick Edwards on BBC Radio 

Talking about the release of "Life Might Not Be Real" and the Little Free Trees Project. Listen from 1 hour 29 minutes onwards...

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Read the review of "Life Might Not Be Real" and see a preview of the upcoming music video.

Nick sat down for a "virtual" interview with leading indie music blog, The Sounds Won't Stop, talking about everything from the inspiration for "Life Might Not Be Real" to Beatles and Oasis influences and midnight snacks! Pizza obviously.

A deep and meaningful review from Sinusoidal Music that compares Indigo Daydream to early Tame Impala. I will accept that huge compliment! Thanks for such a fantastic review!

A fantastic review of "Life Might Not Be Real" from Roadie Music. Great to connect my music with people around the world. Obrigado!

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Many thanks to Nicole Mendes of The Other Side Reviews for a deep and meaningful review of Life Might Not Be Real.

Nick Cheshire of Indigo Daydream. Photo for How Would it Feel to Know the Truth.
New single from Indigo Daydream. How Would it Feel to Know the Truth. Listen on Spotify.
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Thanks for a wonderful review of "How Would it Feel to Know the Truth" from the lovely folks at Thoughts, Words, Action.

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