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Compiled by some of Spotify's leading Playlist Curators, I am very proud to be included in these phenomenal playlists. From alternative rock to new release alt-pop, dream pop and a playlist inspired by space.

Spotify Playlists featuring Indigo Daydream.
Spaced Out Playlist.jpg

Spaced Out

Indie only spotify playlist jpg chief featuring indigo daydream-life might not be real.png
Alter indie state of mind playlist by JPG Chief featuring Indigo Daydream.jpeg
Best New Rock playlist on Spotify featuring Indigo Daydream.png
Dream On Indie Playlist on Spotify featuring Indigo Daydream.png
Dark side of lights playlist featuring indigo daydream.png
New Sounds of Europe Playlist featuring Indigo Daydream.png
Central Playlists best indie, rock and pop world featuring indigo daydream.png
Beatles influenced Playlist featuring Indigo Daydream.png
Blue Orchid Playlist featuring Indigo Daydream on Spotify.png
Alt Rock playlist featuring Indigo Daydream-by DreamFuss.png
Music Victory spotify playlist dreampop featuring Indigo Daydream.png
Surreal Unreal Playlist on Spotify featuring Indigo Daydream.png
Noir playlist-Spotify-featuring Indigo Daydream.jpg
Other Side Reviews-Spotify playlist-featuring-Indigo Daydream-life might not be real.jpg
Music Victory playlist spotify-alternative rock-featuring-Indigo Daydream Music.png
Static Dive Deep Indie Chill spotify playlist featuring Indigo Daydream.jpg
Lost and Found Spotify playlist by The Luna Collective-featuring Indigo Daydream.jpg
Nenes top indie artists playlist-spotify-featuring indigo daydream.jpg
Joy FM-Playlist-Spotify-featuring-Indigo Daydream-music.jpg
Screaming hearts-playlist-radmilla-spotify-featuring indigo daydream.jpg
If you've recently added Indigo Daydream to your Playlist, let me know at: and I'll share it here and on my social platforms. Thanks ❤
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