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Looking after the Earth together

Little Free Trees is a non-profit, environmental education project. Its purpose is to raise awareness and promote education around the environmental impacts affecting our planet through the power of kindness... and the power of trees! Each Little Free Tree is a small gift of life, providing oxygen, absorbing CO2 and promoting biodiversity.

Every time I release a song, I'll also give away Little Free Trees. At gigs, events, anywhere and everywhere.

Throughout the summer of 2022 I've been giving away little free trees around my home town of Totnes, as well as London, and its been an amazing experience. Meeting lots of fantastic people and having some wonderfully deep philosophical conversations about the environment, the world and how we can all work together to help make a difference. I've also partnered with some local schools to help engage children and young people and the response has been phenomenal!

I've also made a short film about our beautiful planet called Slow Down using music I composed and performed together with real NASA footage and images from NASA's archive. 


Slow Down is about the Earth's miraculous journey through the infinity of space at a startling 67,000 miles an hour and a reminder of the delicate nature of life for those on board. I hope the film will raise awareness and knowledge around the most important challenge facing our planet today. Again, it's a small part of a bigger picture, but if we all do what we can together, we can have a meaningful impact on our planet's future.


Slow Down has been submitted to the NASA Cinespace Short Film Competition and will be officially released in November 2022.

UPDATE: October 2022.

Slow Down has been shorlisted into the top 20 films submitted from around the world!


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OUT November 2022

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