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Indigo Daydream

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Indigo Daydream is the alt-rock, dream-pop creation of multi-instrumentalist, Nick Cheshire. A BBC Indroducing artist and short film maker, Indigo Daydream's new single "Room on My Cloud" was mastered by Pete Maher (The Pixies, The Rolling Stones, Peaky Blinders).

Recent reviews:

"A swirling fusion of guitars, drums and synths... magnificent and breathtaking." Other Side Reviews

"A hypnotic soundscape with an evocative ambience." Rock Era Magazine

"A haunting atmospheric rock sound." Pop Fad Magazine

"From Indigo Daydream's attention-demanding opening, 'Slow Down' is a song filled with an atmospheric vibe, memorable melodies and addictive instrumentation." FV Music

Indigo Daydream was created following an experience I had during lockdown. After a head injury, whilst laying in an MRI listening to the surreal beat of the machine, I decided to create something really positive from the whole experience and so Indigo Daydream was born. I want to write music that people relate to but also retain a dream-like quality, a surreal edge.

Everything I create is not-for-profit and all proceeds received are used to plant and gift trees (Little Free Trees) to help look after our beautiful planet.

"Room on My Cloud" inspired by John Lennon's quote "Love is the Answer" is out now.


Listen to "Room on My Cloud" here.


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Recent releases

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Indigo Daydream-Alone- Cover Art-single_
New single from Indigo Daydream-How Woul
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About Indigo Daydream and their music.
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