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Indigo Daydream is the post-rock dream pop creation of multi-instrumentalist, Nick Cheshire. Bathing thought provoking lyrics in a sea of atmospheric guitars and synths and drawing influence from 60s and 70s alt-rock as well as alternative artists including Tame Impala, Slowdive and Mazzy Star.


"I made the decision to create Indigo Daydream following my recovery from a head injury during lockdown. I'm trying to create music with a surreal edge. Like waking up from a dream."


Excited to announce the release of my new single, "Slow Down". Out everywhere now.


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Slow Down


Right now you're travelling at 67,000 miles an hour through the infinite universe on board the organic spaceship, Earth.

"Slow Down" is a song to remind us how fast we're already going. Stop for a moment, lay your head against the ground. The Earth is moving, can you hear the sound?

"Slow Down" is out on June 17th.

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