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Slow Down - A short film by Indigo Daydream - out now.jpg



Right now as you read this, our beautiful home planet Earth is speeding through the infinity of space at a startling 67,000 miles an hour.


Slow Down is a short film about the Earth's miraculous journey and a reminder of how precious and delicate life is for those on board.


Supporting Little Free Trees - Planting and gifting trees to help look after our planet together.


Find out more here.


The soundtrack for the film is based on a version of "Slow Down" that I released earlier this year. Listen here.


Mastered by Pete Maher, who also works with The Pixies and Liam Gallagher and mastered the soundtrack for Peaky Blinders, I'm massively grateful to Pete for his work on the song and the film's soundtrack.

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